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What is an EPIC numbear and where do you find it

Well EPIC or Elector's Photo Identity Cards  or probably known as the voter id card is the unique identity card provided by the election commission of India to the Indian people above the age of 18 to cast their votes. The epic card contains an unique alpha numeric number which is unique for every one .

What is the value of the epic number:

The epic number or the voter id card is mainly used to cast votes but it has other purpose also like it serves the photo identity verification as well as the address verifying document. So it is quite important id card.

How can you find your epic number:

It is very easy to find your epic number you can find easily if you have your voter id card/election card in your hand. You just need to flip the card upside down and look at the top right voter of the id and you will find an unique 10 digit number something like "ABC1234567" and this is your epic number.

Epic no by
Also have a look on this
What to do if you don't have your epic card/ voter card physically present in your hand

If don't have your card physically present with you right now but you have enlisted your nave for voter id then you can also check your voter id card or epic number from the official nvsp (notational voters services portal) by clicking here and fill the basic details like your name birthday, state, fathers name . Remember the more details you will provide there the more easy it will be to find your exact id card.

You can take a print out of your provessional voter id card and also you can check others epic number/ voter id card number by filling basic details of them.

Where do you find your epic number :

As i already mentioned above that there are two method that one is you can physically check your epic number from your voter id card and other wise you can download the official voters helpline app from play store or you can visit the official website of nvsp portal and there from you can download the necessary information.
And the last but not the least method is , if you can not find your epic number from any of the above method then you can ask for the voter list which is most probably available in your nearest party office , and there from you can check your name on voter list and as well as check your epic number. 

Thanks for reading . I hope you find this article helpful, please comment your quires problem or any kind of suggestion you want to share with us in the comment section below , i will try to solve your problem as far as i can.


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