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PropellerAds tutorial and review for website and blog

Propeller ads review and tutorial (UPDATED)

Hi everyone today in this propeller ads tutorial we are going to tell u that how did we got our first payment from blogging . Yes we got our first earning of 25$ from propeller ads . PropellerAds  

When every one was running behind the absence approvals i heard an advertising network called propeller ads . Unlike adsence propeller ads gives you very fast approval and their cpm is also quite impressive 
Propeller ads tutorial
It hardly took 2-3 days to make an earning of 25$ in our propeller ads account. As we have high quality traffic from USA and Germany then(still now) . We got an average cpm of 2$-2.25$ basically it depends on the quality of content and the Geo of traffic. As we already mentioned that we got a very good and major amount of traffic from USA and Germany, it gave a very high cpm (cost of every 1000 views). We were able to make a bulk amount of dollars. But in case of low cpm Geo location like Brazil and India the cpm was about .32$ and which was high compared to adsence cpm of 0.02-0.2$ . With an good ctr i guess you can also make a good amount of money. Lets say you have an average traffic of 10k per day from India or Brazil at least you can make 0.32*10=3.2$ each day . And with a good ctr it may be 4-5$ no doubt. And if you have a high quality traffic like Isa traffic you can easily make 15$-20$ a day with Propeller Ads.
Now cumming to the tutorial part i will show you how to chose best ad formats and high paying propeller ads.

Native subscription ad format |propeller ads

Native subscription ads ,propeller ads review

This is the most brilliant ad format i have ever seen in the internet marketing world. Here you can earn from you each and every blog subscriber. Their are two types division in this format. One is cps model and other is cpm model.
Propeller ads review
In cpm model you will be paid for each impression , that means either the visitor subscribes your blog or not . You will be paid.
And in case of the cps model you will be paid for each subscription of your blog by the propeller ads company
. And trust me the rates of high Geo counties are quite impressive. Here is a screen shoot of this.
For android traffic
Propeller ads review
And this is for windows
See the rates are impressive , and with an American or Canadian or German or even wit an good Saudi Arabia traffic you can fill your bag.
you can see this video for better understanding of cps ads

On click ads(Pop Under) |propeller ads

This is one of the common type of ads you have seen in your everyday mobile surfing. Here when you click any link on the website it will open the ad in the separate window. Cpm rates of this type of ads are also good.
Here is a demo.

Interstitial ads by propeller ads

This type of ads are also well known to all of us. A popup opens us when click on a link or while refreshing a page.
Cpm rates are good but a bit low compared to the other format.

Direct link ads from propeller ads

This is the most favourite type of advertising of mine. In this type of advertising you have to supply traffic to a direct link and earn. Th cpm rates of this ads are good . You can can have a look on this to understand click here

There is an extra chance of earning from their referral program. Each people joins through your link gives you an extra earning from their monthly revenue. You can join through our link to support our work

Pros of propeller ads:

  • As Low minimum payout as 5$ through paypal
    Best cpm ad networ,. Propeller ads review
  • Various payment option
  • High cpm rates

Cons of propeller ads:

  • There is no cpc model of revenue.
  • There is no banner ads
But over all this network is good and with a high quality traffic you can earn much more revenue than adsense.


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